With the right tool, you can get any job done!

LOL, it’s a funny picture, but this is the core belief of Warrior’s Edge Self Defense and learning how to use weapons is how we empower our students – not by carrying a ton of them…

Regardless of how long you’ve trained in the martial arts, one truth will always remain: size matters. And anyone who tells you otherwise lives in a fantasy world and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is the reason why there are weight classes and sex divisions in professional tournaments and competitions. This is the reason why people with more muscle mass and a longer reach always have an advantage. This is the reason why there has always been a prevalent history of men abusing women. The primary question that we are trying to answer in our classes is: How do we equalize and overcome the playing field when a smaller person is confronted with one or more larger assailants?

The answer is learning to use and effectively apply what is known as a force multiplier. This can be any tool like a stick, an edged weapon, or a gun that turns the potential victim of a violent crime into a survivor and a warrior.

Our classes take the most effective and essential training elements from Chinese Kungfu, Southeast Asian Martial Arts, and modern military combatives to teach our students to fight like warriors. Students will learn how to quickly master a system of movements that can be applied to a wide array of weapons as well as empty hand self-defense. And most importantly, students will learn how to generate the warrior’s mind. This is a state of mind that drives forward towards survival and victory regardless of the obstacles.

Though different types of sparring will be used, it is important to remember that these classes are not meant for combat sports. We are not training boxers or MMA fighters. The topics and techniques that are taught are for serious self-defense and life or death scenarios. As such these skills can and should be attained by the everyday, law-abiding citizens who populate our schools, have professions and careers, and have families and loved ones to protect. People like you.

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