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Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy

QUALIFIERS: Saturday, August 4th 4 PM
TOURNAMENT: Sunday, August 5th 8 AM

Welcome to the 2018 Dynasty Warriors Kungfu Tournament! There are four combat elements inherent to all Chinese Kungfu regardless of style. These are Ti (kicking), Da (striking), Shuai (grappling, wrestling, and throwing), and Na (controlling). In an effort to keep the fighting spirit of Kungfu alive and well, our tournament showcases all of them as well as weapons sparring in one competitive arena! There will be no competitive forms events in the Dynasty Warriors Kungfu Tournament. Instead, we are only offering reaction skills and sparring, competitive events. However, if you are competing in our tournament, you MUST prove that you are a Kungfu practitioner. In order to qualify, you must declare your kungfu style, your school, your master, and your lineage. And keep in mind that this must be verifiable information. If any information is found to be false, you will be disqualified without a refund. You must also showcase a Kungfu form from your declared style with a decent level of competence. These qualifiers will be held at the Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy on Saturday, August 4th at 4 PM. If your style does not have any forms, you must still provide the appropriate information and display some of your training sequences.

Please be prompt in your arrival. If you are late to your qualifiers or your events then you will not be allowed to compete and you will not be issued a refund.

(click on the following events to access the rules and regulations)
Lei Tai Sanda
(striking, kicking, and takedowns)
Shuai Tuishou (grappling, wrestling, and throwing)
Da Shou (striking)
Qinna (controlling)
Knife Sparring
Stick Sparring

All experience levels will compete together.
Peewees: ages 6 and under (Boys and Girls together)
Kids Boys: ages 7-9
Kids Girls: ages 7-9
Pre Teen Boys: ages 10-12
Pre Teen Girls: ages 10-12
Early Teen Boys: ages 13-15
Early Teen Girls: ages 13-15
Teen Boys: ages 16-17
Teen Girls: ages 16-17
Adult Men: ages 18 and above
<165 lbs
165-185 lbs
185 lbs and over
Adult Women: ages 18 and above
<135 lbs
135-155 lbs
155 lbs and over

Registration (includes 1st event): $50
Additional events: $10
Spectator fees: $10

There is ONLY EARLY REGISTRATION. On-site and late registration are not allowed for athletes and spectators. You must register on or before Friday, July 13.

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