Houston Kids Kung Fu Martial Arts Summer Camps

Welcome to the Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy’s
2017 Kungfu Warrior Summer Camp Series for kids!
Cy-Fair Kids Kung Fu Summer CampCypress Kung Fu Warrior Summer Camp
For the summer camp series of 2017 we are offering three exciting kids’ summer camps to train different aspects of Kungfu, combat sports, and self defense! If your child has ever wanted to try the martial arts, then this is the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in safe but intense training with high-ranking, experienced instructors.
If your child already has experience in the martial arts or other combat sports, then this Kungfu Warrior Summer Camp Series will introduce new techniques and training modalities as well as hone their existing skills to a razor sharp edge. This is a progressive series of camps, with each camp building upon the skills gained from the previous camp. Your children will not only become more fit and healthy, they WILL gain self confidence, discipline, and courage while fostering new friendships and memories to last a lifetime!


And at the end of each week, students will also be taken on field trips to funfilled locations like the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences!

Open to ages 6 and up!
Discounts for additional camps and siblings!


Houston Kung Fu Summer Camp Wrestling
Kungfu Warrior Summer Camp I
Shuai Tuishou (Kungfu wrestling)
~Learn how to fall and breakfall safely
~Learn numerous takedowns and takedown defenses
~Learn to compete in national and international Shuai Tuishou events
June 5-9
Recommended equipment:
*Knee and elbow pads

Houston Kung Fu Summer Camp Kickboxing
Kungfu Warrior Summer Camp II
Sanshou (Kungfu kickboxing)
~Learn kickboxing techniques and their defenses
~Learn to combine kickboxing and wrestling techniques
~Learn to compete in national and international Sanshou events
July 10-14
Required equipment:Kids Sanshou 2*Head gear
*Sparring gloves
*Shin guards
*Mouth guard
Recommended equipment:
*Face Shield
*Chest Guard
Prerequisite: Summer Camp I

Houston Kung Fu Summer Camp Martial Arts
Kungfu Warrior Summer Camp III
Hand to Weapon Flow (Kungfu self defense)
~Learn self defense techniques against unarmed and armed assailants
~Learn how to use everyday objects to defend yourself and your loved ones
~Learn how to smoothly trasnsition from unarmed and armed self defense techniquesKids Escrima
~Learn different scenarios of self defense and what to do in each situation
~Learn when it is appropriate to defend yourself or just walk (or run) away
August 7-11
Required equipment:
*Rattan sticks and training knife
*Eye protection or head guard and face shield
Prerequisite: Summer Camp I and II

(Does not include required or recommended equipment)

Registration fee for New Students:
$50 (includes school T shirt, Kungfu Pants, and training shoes – a $75 value!)

Tuition for each Camp:
$225 for each summer camp

$625 for all three (Summer Camps I, II, and III) – You save $50!
Sibling Discount: 10% off total tuition for additional siblings
Existing Students of the Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy: No Registration Fee!
Early Bird Registration for New Students: No Registration Fee!
Early Bird Registration for Existing Students: Free T shirt!
Early Bird Registration ends May 5th

Deadline for registration for all summer camps is May 19th
If you are going to need to purchase any additional equipment, please let us know well before May 19th so that we may process your purchases with due haste.

Cypress Summer Camp Fun
All students are required to bring a sack lunch to all summer camps. It is also recommended that students bring a sweat towel, water bottle, and a change of clothes. We will get sweaty!

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!