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Our martial arts program at the Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy, offers a very different approach to martial arts training than most other martial arts schools. Our focus is not only sport fighting and self defense (we do participate in national and international tournaments with great success), but instead we use martial arts as a framework for understanding martial ethics (Wude), Taiji philosphy, and practicing self improvement. We believe that martial arts training is a wonderful way to build strong and happy kids that are better prepared to deal with life’s challenges at school and at home, whether they be physical (bullying, improving physical health), mental (focus and discipline), or spiritual (having aKids Taiji Kungfu classes offer complete

instruction in the art of Chen Style Taijiquan, including body conditioning, bare-hand and weapons forms, martial training, qigong, meditation, and philosophy.

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Though Chinese Martial Arts doesn’t traditionally use a belt ranking system, our “Young Warriors” program has white to black sash ranking levels, to help challenge and inspire your Young Warrior through the cirriculum. At each level, students are tested on three fundamental elements:

-Basic training, drills, scholastic principles, cultural history, Wude, etc.
Tao Lu
-Bare-hand and weapons forms
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– Four martial combat elements:
Kicking (Ti); Striking (Da); Grappling, Wrestling, Throwing (Shuai); Controlling (Na)
– Sparring
– Board Breaking

We offer over 20 – 1 hour children’s classes every month, providing ample opportunity for your child(ren) to learn each level’s material, in two types of classes: taiji kungfu and sparring. Click here to see our class schedule.

– Taiji Kungfu classes include traditional chinese martial arts warm-up exercises to stretch, strengthen, and condition the body. Kicking and photo 2punching drills. Forms (bare-hand and weapons) training. Qinna (joint locking). Instruction in conflict resolution and stress reduction. Respect for teachers and other students is highly observed.

– Sparring (San shou) classes include body conditioning, punching/kicking drills and combinations. Students than apply skills in light to medium contact fighting including kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and throwing techniques. Sparring gear is required for these classes, please ask Sifu Blue for recommendations.

Our Young Warrior students are also encouraged to participate in local/regional chinese martial arts tournaments to help them build confidence and overcome challenges by testing their skills against other young martial artists.